Gibsport, located in the northwestern most tip of Anvilypse, is the second largest fortress city in the realm and it is one of the most important merchant ports in all of Maekri. It is named after the legendary gnomish warlord Gib Anvilypse. It remains the last lawful fortress in the realm, since the destruction of Central Eye and the fall of Liph’s Delphi to lawless piracy. Its location helps protect it from a majority of the extreme tempests buffeting the eastern coasts. In addition the cauldron of mountains to the south traps many of the electrical storms that plague the southern coastal fortresses of Burgashire and Liph’s Delphi. Once nicknamed “The Iron Fortress” Gibsport used to be the hub of Anvilype’s doomed mining industry. With the changes in the realm’s economical influence, the city leveraged its calm harbors and proximity to the Mountains of Metal to expand its shipping influence. Gibsport now uses its massive series of protected docks to sustain the largest amount of sea-trading traffic in Maekri. The jungle beyond the walls of Gibsport is a dense rainforest filled with deadly creatures and well seasoned Elven rangers. Unlike most major Maekrian fortresses, Gibsport’s main source of revenue is not local adventuring. While the dungeons beneath Gibsport are well charted they are routinely over extended. The city itself is split by massive fortified walls and defensive towers into three distinct districts.

Fortune’s Triangle The port district, known as Fortune’s Triangle, is the most secure and heavily fortified section of the city. Goods from through the mainland of Maekri are shipped through the Fortune’s Triangle ports on their way to the rest of the Southern Archepelagos. Ore from the Mountains of Metal reaches the blacksmiths of Fortune’s Triangle to be forged into sought after weapons and armor. Fortune’s Triangle is also well known for its inns and taverns, many that serve actual food, praised by merchants and sailors throughout Maekri. The port district also houses most of the adventuring offices and guildhalls in the city, the largest of which stands against the foundation of the Vault tower.

The Gnomehall District Gnomehall is Gibsport’s religous, military and governmental district. The main temple of Kord stands at the center of Gnomehall and is known for its order of unequaled paladins. Since the collapse of Central Eye the realm’s surviving militia rulers maintain a presence within Gnomehall, alongside the military commanders of Gibsport itself. Gibsport’s governmental hall sits at the base of the Vault tower and is surrounded by a multitude of barracks and legistative buildings. Gnomehall also houses many wealthy homes and expensive lodge buildings, private gardens and exculsive inns.

The Hag’s Shack District Hag’s Shack is the city’s industrial district. The blacksmith’s guildhall building dominates the entire district, belching black smoke into the air at all hours of the day. Buildings dedicated to Gibsport’s carpentry, enchanting, jeweler, masontry, mining, rogues, summoning and tailoring guilds are also in the district. The majority of workers housing can be found in Hag’s Shack as well, crawling up and along the fortified walls seperating the three districts. Hag’s Shack has the highest crime rates in the city and most dangerous taverns in Gibsport can be found there. The district is also believed to be cursed, plagued by unexplanable dangers once nightfalls on the city. The city’s main gates open into Hag’s Shack with main throughfares snaking through the district toward Gnomehall and the Golden Triangle.


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