The warforged of Maekri are a race of battle-hardened automatons, veterans of two wars centuries apart, but for a few. The last of the warforged were animated as their masters fell, left without a general or a war. Untested in combat, these final children were left to find their own way. When the Elvenkind of Rathe burst forth onto the plane of Maekri, and their warrior brethren took to arms once more, those who had known only peace retreated to the islands of the Burnt Sea and their study of arcane arts. It was only through the cooperation of these rare peaceful warforged that the Dwarven settlers of the Burnt Sea survived their first few years.

Lockjaw has long bristled under the authority of his isolationist elders. Rather than rise to prominence in the small, elite swordmage leagues of his home island, he chose to escape his heritage, travelling by raft to the nearest land available: Anvilypse. Culture shock struck immediately, as Lockjaw found himself in a land he did not know, with a culture he did not understand, surrounded by elvish citizens who ignored or openly despised his kind.

He also learned quite quickly that he was not nearly prepared for the skill and training of the Anvilypse swordmage arena, after a humiliating loss to a bottom-seed Eladrin. Friendless, penniless, and shamed, Lockjaw turns with hope to a career in adventuring, to fill his coffers and hone his skills.


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