"Grim" Brandubh

Hardened dungeon spelunking subterranean operating engineer


Average sized dwarf with grim demeanor and a twinkle in his eye. Functionally cropped beard and hair. Long scar across right side of face from a re-appropriation disagreement. Morose often, manic when drunk, focused and all business when on a job . Regularly seen in scale armor and yet strangely lithe and stealthy.


“Grim” Brandubh

Grim was born one of many sons to a minor mercantile family in the Dwarven Empire. In his youth he was expected to work hard at the family enterprises (mostly import/export ) and had little opportunity for formal education. When Grim approached mid-adolescence his father was implicated by a rival trading house in a scandal that eventually ended in the his execution along with many of the older sons. Grim was left to fend for his families well being. The entire families fortune was taken and Grim and his siblings struggled to overcome the black mark on their families name and meets the families needs. Slowly the they sank into poverty and despair. After years of struggling Grim struck off to the lands of Maekri to find gold to support his kin.

In his early years Grim made many illegal expeditions to the Underbarrows in an attempt at fortune. Eventually he decided that working individually, no matter how stealthy and crafty one could be, was dangerous. Although he had honed his craft of sneaking, disarming traps, and pilfering the hordes of monsters in the dungeon (let alone the dungeon patrols) made it almost suicidal to enter on his own. From then on Grim sought out a team to join and make his wealth.

Grim prefers guile and strategy over brute force but does not shy from a good scrap. At first he may appear greedy, but on closer investigation one would find that the bulk of any wealth he gains is regularly sent to support his starving family.

"Grim" Brandubh

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