Stuart (Schtuart) Nyre

The greatest sword mage in all of Maekri... at least in his own mind... at all other times an agressively agile dragonborn with a lisp.


Stuart (Schtuart) Nyre is the great hope of his family. Following in the footsteps of his father, Stuart choose the life of a swordmage in order to achieve fame and recognition across all of Maekri. As a dragonborn, he’s already swept up in the ideals of his race. But Stuart willfully follows his charge, taking adventuring with the utmost seriousness. Together with his twin brother Stuart he’ll strive to create a name for himself in the realm and with any luck return home alive to tell the tale.

He wasn’t the biggest of the children, nor the strongest, but Stuart’s mind is as sharp as his sword, honed to a precise edge from training and education. Stuart received tutelage under a legendary dragonborn swordmage, Lith Frisch. Education is one thing, experience is another. Stuart’s never set foot outside of the small fishing village he was raised in. But he heard the call of honor and fame ringing clearly in his scaly ears. Gib’s Port was the closest guild sanctioned city, and so Stuart proudly asked to leave his family behind. They insisted he take his brother.

And so this is where the legend begins, with Stuart (and Stuart) finding a place in the only rag-tag group of adventurers that would take them. A rather queer looking guild run by a ditsy priest and some goofy bard that resorted to employing a dwarf, a suit of armor, and a hippy… I suppose you’ve got to start somewhere…

Stuart (Schtuart) Nyre

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