Cilmi Mossenfeld

Unaligned Halfling Bard looking for fame, fortune, and the respect of his family... in that order.


The Life and Times of Cilmi Krüsk Mossenfeld IV

Cilmi Krüsk Mossenfeld IV (Cilm for short) has spent a good chunk of his life in the pursuit of the greatest craft of all… acting. And singing. And dance. Okay, the three greatest crafts. Oh, and tumbling… swordsmanship… girls… boys if there’s enough ale. Okay, the six and a half greatest pursuits of all!... and fame. DANG IT! Never mind, lets move on!

Born in Kyrowen during the year mumblemumble, Cilm was one of five kids, and the only boy. His family traveled much during his youth, due to his father’s career as a merchant. His mother, a priestess of That One Really Popular God, pushed Cilm towards priesthood. He even entered the seminary school at the ripe age of 10. There, he fell in love the holy maiden who was to be locked in the wall until she was cleansed of her chaotic nature (as they tend to be).

One morning, when Cilm arrived for their morning chat, she didn’t respond from her sealed sanctum. Concerned for his beholden, Cilm asked the High Priest why she didn’t respond. The priest calmly announced that the cleansing failed and the maiden was freed from her bodily constrictions. His faith shattered, a devastated Cilm fled the seminary.

Too angry and lost to return to the parent who led him down the path of such heart break, he soon fell into a travelling troupe of bards. Cilm’s abilities and ego blossomed while with the troupe. They also introduced him to an up and coming belief system called the Barduhn Lor. Secretly embraced by Bards, Barduhn Lor teaches the purity of living without forethought. Just do. Embracing the chaos and neutrality allotted to his new belief, Cilm traveled the land bringing joy, song, dance, and many good nights to the people of Maekri.

At the age of 23, with news that his mother was dying, Cilm was summoned home. He was greeted to closed arms and, unbeknown to him, a besmirched family reputation. Having abandoned his family and position, he was viewed as the black sheep of the Mossenfelds. The last wish of his dying mother (cheezy, I know, but it happens), was to bring respect back to his branch of the family and help spread that popular faith. And he agreed, for one reason: He was going to help by joining his cousin’s (whose a priest) adventuring guild.

And he was going to help… but in his own way.

Cilmi Mossenfeld

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