Maekri - The Makeshift Armies of Dragon's Graveyard

3M's Post-It: Day One
This Shit Gets Serious

So with the formalities of the meet and greet done our eager adventures set off to begin what could only be the start of their illustrious career in dungeoneering. After a quick jaunt to the official guild office, Mossenfeld’s Merry Marauders were off and running on their first and most noble of quests, plunging the depths, or more accurately, “Pitching shit.”

Apparently dungeon level one, AKA Gib’s Port Sewage and Waste, has been backing up and the guild needs to know why. They ask that only serious adventurers apply, cause this mission requires getting your hands dirty. But hey, no job is too demeaning… er, honorable for our favorite super-team. With high hopes they set off into the sewer to the cheers of the tearful and proud Nyre family, gathered at the gates for their eldest son.

Just a few mere steps inside the daunting maze of filth and the path branched in two. The fearless leader suggested splitting up, possibly as a ploy to weed out the unmentionables in the troop through a vile and smelly death, but more likely to help cover more shit in less time. Either way, both parties met with some unexpected obstacles. The four-man team, composed completely of expendable members, was besieged by a group of waste-laden pestilence hamsters, some already dead, some not. And on the other side of the caverns, the three stooges faced down an un-living wall of bodies and excrement with anger issues.

Whether through luck or fate, the adventures triumphed over this evil and freed the flow of crap once again. Let us not forget however, the chance meeting with a thieving imp and the possible implications it may place on the future destinies of our intrepid heroes.

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